August 11, 2009

The men’s wardrobe does not offer a wide spectrum of refinements. Masculine accessories are especially limited, but fortunately apart from the tie, shirts, polo shirts, and socks present themselves as a necessity.

PIETRO BALDINI PIETRO BALDINI DIAMANT, PIETRO BALDINI GOLD PIETRO BALDINI LIMITED EDITION EXCELLENCE all making perfect gifts for Christmas, anniversaries or any occasion both personal and business. Each piece is hand made by the best specialists. and offers the most original ties available by creating stunning presentations like the luxurious

Antonio Gea Sanchez, PIETRO BALDINI takes time honored pieces to the next level by displaying an artistry usually hidden behind the face of mens accessories. A discerning few want things that are difficult to find, products that are chic with unique style and where quality is non-negotiable with pieces that are well above the ordinary.  Every day at PIETRO BALDINI we ask ourselves not how we can make it for less, but instead how we can continue to reside in a class of our own.

Like Balzac says: ¨The necktie is the perfume of the suit¨.  The seven fold of PIETRO BALDINI is the exclusive element and the finest of ¨perfumes¨.



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